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Techniques of Resistance –> Contact Improvisation LAB /Asaf Bachrach/

12 October 2018 @ 18 h 30 min - 14 October 2018 @ 18 h 30 min


Techniques of Resistance – Contact Improvisation LAB

Over the last few years, inspired by Steve Paxton writings (Drafting interior techniques attached) and teachings, my study of the Rolfing technique and my close collaboration with dancer and Alexander teacher Matthieu Gaudeau, I have come to ask, what are the interior techniques that underlie or are trained by my CI practice.

In my mind, just like improvisation, interior techniques are not something that can be taught. It is about auto-didactics.

During this weekend together, I will share with you my current research which I will frame as ’techniques of resistance’. My intention is to share with you not the ‘what’ but the ‘how’. How to go about researching together through dancing, how to lab, how to turn experience into language and language back into a concrete research plan.

The visual artist Vajiko Chachkhiani writes with respect to his work:
“My main intention is not to work directly against a situation, but a certain resistance is part of it.”

Alexander technique is based on the concept of inhibition. A similar intuition is often called upon by teachers of improvisation (when idea comes to your head, don’t act upon it, wait for the next one, etc…). In Rolfing, the notion of inhibition is not foregrounded as such. Instead, the technique is based on the study of how the body organizes itself in gravity and how to let the tonic muscular system take care of these negotiations (rather than the phasic, voluntary, muscular system). In CI we often talk about ’non-doing’, ‘letting go’, ‘surrendering’ or ‘following the point of contact’. During our time together, inspired by Vajiko Chachkhiani’s words, and by the event philosophy of Deleuze and Guattari, I would like to propose a somewhat different, but I suggest, more general framework to think these different practices and in particular CI: techniques of resistance. Instead of trying to name here what I mean by this term, I invite you to join me in the studio…

At the Espace Mutin: 140 chaussée de Haecht 1030 Schaarbeek http://www.mutin.org/spip.php?rubrique4

-Saturday 13/10/2018. From 09:00 until 13:00 / Lunch break 1.30h / from 14.30 until 18.30
-Sunday 14/10/2018. From 10:00 until 13:00 / Lunch break 1.30h / from 14.30 until 18.30

# OPEN SPACE —-> Friday evening: There will be a class with Asaf+ Jam that takes place as a part of the Lab.  Free for those joining the lab. More info (place and time) soon.

100 Euros

The workshop will be held in English, with French translation if needed.
For registration and further info/questions, please send an email to Flor and Joaquin: manija.contactimpro@gmail.com


For those who don’t know Asaf, you’ll find some links below :)

– Asaf’s personal website of CI: https://ecosoma.fr/
– Labodanse: https://labodanse.org/

a short bio:
Asaf Bachrach
I have been practicing teaching and performing contact improvisation over 20 years in Israel, Europe, Argentina and the United States. Among my most important teachers are Kirstie Simson, Lisa Nelson, Daniel Lepkof, Min Tanaka and Steve Paxton. These days I think of CI as collective somatic practice and my dancing and teaching are highly influenced by my study of the Rolfing technique with Hubert Godard. I live in Paris where I teach regularly and perform with the me-lieu collective and with Matthieu Gaudeau. I also practice cognitive neuroscience (I hold a research position at the CNRS) where my main foci are the cognitive/physiological underpinning of language, dance and improvisation (labodanse.org). Since January 2016 I coordinate the project ICI (from joint improvisation to interaction).


12 October 2018 @ 18 h 30 min
14 October 2018 @ 18 h 30 min


Flor Campise
Joaquin Alfei


Espace Mutin
Chaussée de Haecht, 140
Bruxelles, Belgium
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