‘Balancing acts’ with Adriana Pegorer in Brussels

The BALANCING ACTS workshop aims to fine-tune the connection within a standing dancing duet.

We will work on connecting arms and legs to our own centre to then share this centre with a partner in dynamic, creative and precise ways.

We will play with different intentions as we learn to creatively offer and receive microscopic shifts of weight – how can this art of balancing inform the partnership at all times in a playful way?
This material will also offer the possibility for gentle lifts to arise (optional).

As we explore these possibilities we will play with different movement vocabularies and in particular those of Tango and Contact Improvisation. If you dance other dances you are welcome to join too!

Everybody is welcome.

NOTE: The workshop includes body-awareness explorations with a partner involving touch.

STUDIO: a beautiful wooden floor in a private studio in Laken (Central Brussels)

We will inform you with the address at registration.

Please note places are limited.
To reserve your space please write to: openspacebrussels@gmail.com